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Trendy-vip International Holdings Limited is a leading cosmetics retailing group in Asia. It has over 132 retail stores and counters in Asia selling over 80 brands of skincare, fragrance, make-up and hair care, body care products,health, fashion accessories. and beauty supplements including own-brands and exclusive products.

The Group employs close to 300 staff in markets across the region, covering Hong Kong & Macau, Vietnam,Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia. Established in 2002, Trendy-vip has grown from a 40 sq. ft. retail space to become today's regional enterprise and is now the leading retail chain in Asia, according to the "Retail Asia-Pacific Top 500" ranking of Retail Asia magazine and Euromonitor in 2017. As one of the largest sole agents in Hong Kong, Trendy-vip represents over 80 international brands in Asia.Trendy-vip prospers on its successful and proven "one-stop cosmetics specialty store" concept, offering customers with a wide range of quality products. Its e-commerce arm, Trendy-vip.store , provides online shopping service to customers as well as a strong marketing tool for the Group.

The Group sells over 200 brands, covering over 2300 skincare, fragrance, make-up and hair care, body care products, health,fashion accessories and beauty supplements under international brands including own-brands and exclusive products. Its extensive regional retail network currently comprises of over 26 "Trendy-vip" multi-brand stores in Asia.

Our e-business platform, Trendy-vip.store, also offers round-the-clock e-tailing with comprehensive product and corporate information. In addition to selling its own-brand products, the Group also operates as the sole agent for many international  brands in Asia. Trendy-vip is today one of the largest sole agents in Hong Kong, with services that include brand management, marketing, sales and distribution. The Group currently manages over 80 exclusive international beauty brands . This business accounts for over 43.2% of Trendy-vip’s total retail turnover (as at 31 Mar 2019)